Are You Ready for #ASTATL? Last Minute Do-Not-Forgets
June 25, 2014, 3:48 pm
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Convention is less than 24 hours away and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see old friends and spend some quality time in Atlanta. Before we can enjoy ourselves, however, we have to tackle the tedious task of making sure all of our essentials are packed. This will not be your standard trip and will require non-standard items and preparation.

The list below compiles some items you may not always think about when packing, whether that is because they are an after thought or AST-specific essentials. Read below to make sure you’re not showing up without these essentials checked off your list:

1. Clean Your Jewelry
Make sure your gems and jewels are sparkling in the Atlanta sunshine, clean them with a jewelry cloth before packing so you don’t have dull diamonds during Convention.

2. Pack the Polish You’re Wearing
Don’t just do them and leave them. Chips happen, broken nails happen, anything can happen. Don’t chip your mani or pedi on your way off the plane and spend the whole trip regretting not bringing touch up paint.

3. Phone, Reader, and Tablet Chargers
They only last so long, don’t be caught without a charger!

4. Pack Your Pin and Accessories
I would not be shocked if the pin is the most common item forgotten at home during Greek Life conventions. You wouldn’t need to bring it on any other trip really, so why would it be on your mind when packing? Pack it first so you don’t forget it, and maybe give it a good shine with your other jewelry beforehand if it’s been a while.

5. Travel-sized Stain Stick
Accidents happen, be sure you have this travel essential with you so they don’t ruin your clothes or experience.

6. Do You Have the Right Under Attire?
The beginning of comfort is at the base of your outfit. You, of course, want to look your best but to feel your best you need to start from the bottom and work your way up.

7. Chapter/Campus Specific Traditions
Do you have a special item or tradition on your campus that you would like shared with Atlanta or other sisters? Or that you want to get some souvenir pictures with in Atlanta? Be sure to pack any of those so you can!
Example: Jackets or jerseys that your campus’ organizations wear

8. Update Your Playlist
You’re going to have some travel time whether it is in the car or the plane so don’t get stuck with dated tunes, update them before you leave.

If you have any Convention must-haves that I missed share them in the comments below for anyone reading to add to their list.

See you in Atlanta!

Packing headquarters….


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