Day One of Chicago Lovin’
September 17, 2012, 10:36 pm
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I work in a skyscraper.
I have my own, rather spacious, cubicle.
I finish a new book every week and a half.
I’ve actually been successfully sticking to a diet and seeing results.

2 months ago I wouldn’t recognize me but I am so absolutely thrilled and happy to be where I am right now!

My coworkers are all awesome! Very friendly, all younger entry-level folk like myself and Kim who just started as well. Because on top of all of that I was hired with one of my good friends since middle school who lives down the street from the train station we’ll both be taking for the same shift.

I still don’t think I fully believe it yet to be perfectly honest, but maybe some pictures will help. I generally try to take a different way to work just to mix it up each day and i find some interesting/really nice sights and places.


Chicago Board of Trade by Union Station, always eventful inside or out.


Coogs’ apparently opened a bar. That’s def a new trick.


This is from the window of the actual studio building where they film which is right next to the business tower that I work in.

Which remind meee…


My very own little cubical! How Corporate America am I, right? Needs a lot of art and decoration though.


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