Exceptional Sisterhood #ast39conv
June 24, 2012, 1:21 am
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If you missed the educational sessions today you missed some pretty informative stuff! I learned a lot about the National Panhellenic Council and our organization’s National Council, both of which are packed with some very busy and dedicated ladies.

I also had the chance to help some of our big wigs, if you will, with a strategic “town hall”presentation on Growth & Retention. The members wrote answers to hypothetical questions and the facilitators encouraged delegates to think with limitless boundaries when developing our organization.

The evening brought us to the Yellow Rose Formal where we had  fantastic filet mignon with potatoes and greens kicked off by my new convention favorite- the sourdough and goat butter.


I really enjoyed getting to see and hear about all of the awards and recipients, especially the chapters I had the pleasure of visiting and educating this semester! (Shout out to my Delta Upsilon and Phi gals out there…do work!)


Hanging with the sistas at or candlelight dinner, nbd

What’s up Epsilon Nu!! Missed you gals!


View of the head table


Photo credit is 100% Lauren! She’s so artsy 🙂


It’s a little small but you can see Charlotte Floyd up there with Madam President honoring her for her tremendous contributions. How many people do you know who have served ANYTHING for 63 years, none the less her sorority as an alumna member alone. Truly impressive.


Somewhat off topic, but a picture of the capital lit up at night! From the penthouse restaurant “Eagle’s Nest.”


The new Educational Consultants and myself. I really can not explain to anyone just how much fun I had getting to know these ladies in the short time that we have worked together. To anyone that had the chance to connect this weekend, or will in the future at your chapter, with these gals- you are lucky. They have so much experience to contribute to our staff and chapters; its going to be an exceptional year! Keep in touch


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