Tour de Pennsylvannia II
February 29, 2012, 12:16 am
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Meetings, architecture, sisters, Lebanon Valley!


Does this church remind anyone else of the one in Pretty Little Liars where Hannah’s dad [tries to] get married? Can’t find it anywhere online. #obsessed


Library where all my meetings were held, right next to my fave little coffee shop hang out that I frequented.. Recent new addiction


Their campus had lots of flags, not sure why but here are some, enjoy?


Ancient looking song book they found recently, absolutely love finding these antique-esque things! Also see the etiquette book below! 🙂



CREEPY STATUE. Siren-looking statute located directly between the library and my coffee shop. Funny but creepy past dusk, watch yo back!


The “UG” aka The Underground. Had lunch here today but apparently on the weekends it turns in to a ‘club’ complete with dance floor, only regret was that I couldn’t see it myself!



Also met a bunch of their Tau Kappa Epsilon friends, seemed like a bunch of fun.

Their chapter’s sweetheart actually asked if he could meet with me to discuss his duties because one of the girls made a joke he wasn’t doing his job properly, too hilarious!

All in all, a great visit 🙂

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Isn’t pll in Pennsylvania? Maybe that is that church haha

Comment by hannah

That’s what I was thinking too! I’ve been trying to find it online, trust me, no luck 😦

Comment by Ashley

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