Day One: Training at Nationals
February 6, 2012, 10:45 pm
Filed under: Chapter Visits, Training, Traveling

It. Is. Awesome!!

The staff at Nationals are all very awesome, I’m posted up at a sweeeeet hotel, getting my grub and workout on and most importantly getting work done outside of work on downtime as well. Walked in to work today and we got lunch, went over paperwork, was given my hotel reservations, got handed a credit card, a jump drive, and a laptop. Nothing says “congrats you’re an adult now!” quite like being handed all that on day one.

I also have my tentative schedule for the rest of the semester and I am going to some pretty cool places! My map looks basically as though I’m riding the east coast in various states and then down through Alabama and Texas, capping off my semester with, wait for it, New York! Ahhhhh! So outrageous! I’ll also have a few vacation days off in San Antonio, TX sooooo if anyone is in the neighborhood… haha 🙂

Have a good deal of pics, putting those up tomorrow though, almost midnight here and I have more reading to be doing.

Alpha Sigma Tau here I come!!

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