Last Call for #ASTJAX – Things You May Still Want or Need

Was anyone else just buying their luggage today? Oops.

Like many others surely did, I took the afternoon off to run errands, pack, and finalize all of my Convention must-haves and details. And to cronicle it in my usual  day before Convention post of do-not-forgets.

During my luggage-induced venture to the TJ Maxx on State Street downtown I stumbled across a few other items that I had on my running list of wants/needs. I am a big fan of Coola products and spotted a big bottle of their classic unscented, daily wear sunscreen. It’s normally $30, because of the organic ingredients and the fact that you can wear it daily on the low without smelling like a beach, but as you can see I scored my bottle for 50% off. I will be transferring a small portion into a travel bottle for Jacksonville tonight!

I also found a fantastic memory foam travel pillow for only $9.99, which I semi-impulse purchased under the rationale that this may help me sleep on both of my early morning flights to and from #ASTJAX, as I’m not really the world’s greatest flyer. A small cost for hopefully catching some Z’s on most of both flights.

Travel pillow tip: if you get one with the little buttons/clips/Velcro similar to mine, you can attach it  care-free to your luggage’s exterior instead of taking up valuable packing space!

With having a Monday to Friday office gig I keep almost all of my nicer shoes in my large drawer at work. That being said, I really had to think ahead so I wouldn’t be caught packing today with nothing but sneakers and flip-flops. I was sure to grab my nude heels and a nice (and oh-so-comfortable) pair of black wedge sandals, to mull over which I will be bringing later tonight.

Moral of this story? If your nice shoes are at work, don’t forget to bring them home before your last day! I’ve fallen victim to that a few too many times.

Want to participate in Joanna Barrett’s morning yoga sessions? I know I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday and finally found a nice, affordable, pair of Gaiam yoga socks for the occassion. I was also able to locate a good quality yoga towel by Gaiam for less than $20. I have a mat but given that I am only carrying on to #ASTJAX there was just no room for it; however, I now have a dedicated yoga towel for Convention and it can be used on top of my mat afterwards- win/win!

FullSizeRender 17
I tweeted this one the other day, half as a tip to others and half as a reminder to pack mine, but a nice wristlet with pockets will go a long way. In year’s past I’ve gone from having my tote during the day to just a little clutch at night for dinner/events, and you won’t have to worry about swapping out cards, cash, etc. If you have a big enough one your phone will also fit – a one stop shop! Plus, Vera Bradley:

How are you packing your jewelry? It may be a little late to advise you to order a nice, affordable jewelry organizer from Amazon (less than $10!), so that is my bad. However, I saw a bunch of great ones at TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory when I was shopping around those stores recently, might be worth a look if you need one.

A less expensive and likely already owned hack: ziplock baggies. I accidently bought a box of those no-zip ones that only fold and never use them for anything besides packing necklaces separately so they do not tangle. Give it a shot!

FullSizeRender 16

Other Last Minute To-Do’s and Packables:

  • Nails/Manicure/Pedicure – pack the color you’re wearing in case of chips
  • Tide To Go pens
  • Bandages for those super cute/painful heels
  • Suncare products – sunscreen, aloe, etc. it will be 95+ most of the days, be safe!
  • Wrinkle release products
  • Any persciptions you take daily or may need

FullSizeRender 15

I am almost fully packed and starting to see posts of sisters arriving in Jacksonville which is only going to make it that much harder to sleep tonight! My last piece of advice is to plug your phone in and set multiple alarms if that is your only alarm clock. Wouldn’t want you to end up stranded in your Boston hotel room an hour after your flight has taken off because your phone alarm failed – trust me, it’s no fun. 🙂

Safe travels!


Are You Ready for #ASTATL? Last Minute Do-Not-Forgets
June 25, 2014, 3:48 pm
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Convention is less than 24 hours away and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see old friends and spend some quality time in Atlanta. Before we can enjoy ourselves, however, we have to tackle the tedious task of making sure all of our essentials are packed. This will not be your standard trip and will require non-standard items and preparation.

The list below compiles some items you may not always think about when packing, whether that is because they are an after thought or AST-specific essentials. Read below to make sure you’re not showing up without these essentials checked off your list:

1. Clean Your Jewelry
Make sure your gems and jewels are sparkling in the Atlanta sunshine, clean them with a jewelry cloth before packing so you don’t have dull diamonds during Convention.

2. Pack the Polish You’re Wearing
Don’t just do them and leave them. Chips happen, broken nails happen, anything can happen. Don’t chip your mani or pedi on your way off the plane and spend the whole trip regretting not bringing touch up paint.

3. Phone, Reader, and Tablet Chargers
They only last so long, don’t be caught without a charger!

4. Pack Your Pin and Accessories
I would not be shocked if the pin is the most common item forgotten at home during Greek Life conventions. You wouldn’t need to bring it on any other trip really, so why would it be on your mind when packing? Pack it first so you don’t forget it, and maybe give it a good shine with your other jewelry beforehand if it’s been a while.

5. Travel-sized Stain Stick
Accidents happen, be sure you have this travel essential with you so they don’t ruin your clothes or experience.

6. Do You Have the Right Under Attire?
The beginning of comfort is at the base of your outfit. You, of course, want to look your best but to feel your best you need to start from the bottom and work your way up.

7. Chapter/Campus Specific Traditions
Do you have a special item or tradition on your campus that you would like shared with Atlanta or other sisters? Or that you want to get some souvenir pictures with in Atlanta? Be sure to pack any of those so you can!
Example: Jackets or jerseys that your campus’ organizations wear

8. Update Your Playlist
You’re going to have some travel time whether it is in the car or the plane so don’t get stuck with dated tunes, update them before you leave.

If you have any Convention must-haves that I missed share them in the comments below for anyone reading to add to their list.

See you in Atlanta!

Packing headquarters….

Day One of Chicago Lovin’
September 17, 2012, 10:36 pm
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I work in a skyscraper.
I have my own, rather spacious, cubicle.
I finish a new book every week and a half.
I’ve actually been successfully sticking to a diet and seeing results.

2 months ago I wouldn’t recognize me but I am so absolutely thrilled and happy to be where I am right now!

My coworkers are all awesome! Very friendly, all younger entry-level folk like myself and Kim who just started as well. Because on top of all of that I was hired with one of my good friends since middle school who lives down the street from the train station we’ll both be taking for the same shift.

I still don’t think I fully believe it yet to be perfectly honest, but maybe some pictures will help. I generally try to take a different way to work just to mix it up each day and i find some interesting/really nice sights and places.


Chicago Board of Trade by Union Station, always eventful inside or out.


Coogs’ apparently opened a bar. That’s def a new trick.


This is from the window of the actual studio building where they film which is right next to the business tower that I work in.

Which remind meee…


My very own little cubical! How Corporate America am I, right? Needs a lot of art and decoration though.

Formal Recruitment Weekend at Beta Pi!
September 7, 2012, 2:21 am
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I’d just like to start off by saying how proud I am of these women, especially the newbies, who have put a great deal in to their recruitment efforts this year because it shows. In fact it shows way more than in years past; they’re getting down to business. The cardigans from round one were very cute and everyone loved them.


Naturally I’ll talk more recruitment when all is said and done because the headline here is that for the first time in a very long time, I had some late night pizza! ..totally not in my diet… especially at midnight. YOLO

The drive down wasn’t half bad either, I’m actually starting to really enjoy the scenery. It’s no Virginian mountainside, more like just corn fields and farms, but it’s my corn fields and farms.


I’m glad I could come down to help the girls with recruitment. Having my fancy new big girl job won’t give me a lot of face time with the chapter anymore so I like to show face when I can being an adviser and all now.

Eager to see what tomorrow brings for the ladies but for now everyone is getting some much needed sleep, myself included.


New Leaf, New Logo
July 3, 2012, 12:36 am
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For anyone who has yet to download Diptic, get at it. Super easy image editing on your mobile device. I’m simply in heaven!

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Exceptional Sisterhood #ast39conv
June 24, 2012, 1:21 am
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If you missed the educational sessions today you missed some pretty informative stuff! I learned a lot about the National Panhellenic Council and our organization’s National Council, both of which are packed with some very busy and dedicated ladies.

I also had the chance to help some of our big wigs, if you will, with a strategic “town hall”presentation on Growth & Retention. The members wrote answers to hypothetical questions and the facilitators encouraged delegates to think with limitless boundaries when developing our organization.

The evening brought us to the Yellow Rose Formal where we had  fantastic filet mignon with potatoes and greens kicked off by my new convention favorite- the sourdough and goat butter.


I really enjoyed getting to see and hear about all of the awards and recipients, especially the chapters I had the pleasure of visiting and educating this semester! (Shout out to my Delta Upsilon and Phi gals out there…do work!)


Hanging with the sistas at or candlelight dinner, nbd

What’s up Epsilon Nu!! Missed you gals!


View of the head table


Photo credit is 100% Lauren! She’s so artsy 🙂


It’s a little small but you can see Charlotte Floyd up there with Madam President honoring her for her tremendous contributions. How many people do you know who have served ANYTHING for 63 years, none the less her sorority as an alumna member alone. Truly impressive.


Somewhat off topic, but a picture of the capital lit up at night! From the penthouse restaurant “Eagle’s Nest.”


The new Educational Consultants and myself. I really can not explain to anyone just how much fun I had getting to know these ladies in the short time that we have worked together. To anyone that had the chance to connect this weekend, or will in the future at your chapter, with these gals- you are lucky. They have so much experience to contribute to our staff and chapters; its going to be an exceptional year! Keep in touch


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Party in the A-S-T! Day 2 #ast39conv
June 22, 2012, 11:30 pm
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To quote a chapter in the Twitter conversation- “how many people can say they partied at AST headquarters??” Touche, my sister.

Today was greatly productive and capped off with a stress-free evening for Convention-goers with some ice cream, dancing, and a tour of the newly renovated sorority headquarters facility.


Molly, President of the Upsilon chapter gives her committee’s report during general session today. Makes me a proud EC!


Madam President, standard. During general session this afternoon.


Today we also had the distinct honor of having the NPC Executive Director Nicki Meneley in attendance to speak to the delegation at the Panhellenic Luncheon. Excellent speaker and Panhellenic woman! There were a dozen or so NPC organizations represented at the event.


I had the pleasure of meeting a friend of a dear friend of mine from college today. My friend, and  former president of the EIU Delta Zeta chapter, told us to seek each other out at Convention. Little did any of us know we had already met and she’s wonderful! Meet Lauren from Alpha Phi chapter if you haven’t yet!

The incoming EC’s and I grabbed a pic at the new HQ before busloads of Convention-goers arrived…


…I can not wait for all our chapters to meet them! They are all exceptional and wonderful women!

I am so thrilled I had the pleasure of connecting with Kris Haskin, a fellow Beta Pi alumna, Chicago Area Alumnae Chapter President, and the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation 2nd Vice President, this weekend! I’m excited to learn so much from her about the alumna life and staying involved beyond your collegiate years 🙂


Dance party at HQ?! Yes please! Even Dr. J broke it down! Glad to see everyone had such a great time in each other’s company.



“…so call me maybe???”


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